Our Services

No single investment is right for every individual and developing a secure financial future for yourself, your family or your business can be confusing and time consuming. Not making the right decision can be costly, and most of us do not have access to the information concerning the many financial options available today.

Whether the objective is financial protection for family or business,savings for education, estate planning or other personal goals, a wide array of insurance and investment vehicles* are available to choose from: Stocks & Bonds*, Mutual Funds*,Tax Credits*, Variable Annuities*,Variable Life Insurance*, Fixed Life Insurance, Fixed Annuities, Individual and Group Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance are a few of the vehicles used in a complete and successful financial plan. Investment Advisory Services using experienced money managers are available as well as IRAs, TSAs, and SIMPLE plans.

The financial management process at S.P.A. Financial begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. We then work together with our clients to develop a customized solution for your investment objectives. A Cetera Advisors LLC-strategy approach adjusts portfolios to prevailing market conditions, allowing clients to thrive in a variety of environments.

Our firm's objective is to deliver value-added results over full market cycles and manage portfolios with various types of objectives in diversified conditions. Let our firm take a fresh look at your economic picture and put you on the road to financial security.